How our lifts will save you money

The monthly cost to lease one of our lifts ranges from £110.00 to £350.00 which will almost certainly save you money over the alternative, ie. leaving your boat in the water. These savings will be felt immediately with our unique leasing programme. This is quite a statement, so let’s take a look at how:

We will run through the costs by comparing a 10 meter RIB with twin diesel engines and outdrives on a DB 9.5 CT boat lift (currently our largest lift) with keeping the same boat permanently afloat in the water. If you follow the example through you will see that leasing a DryBerth lift will actually reduce your boating costs by £2,274.00 a year, which is a monthly saving of £189.00. As well as saving money, your boat will be kept pristine and safe.

Cost of Permanently Mooring in the Water

Most boat owners understandably avoid acknowledging the true cost of properly maintaining their boat or the increased cost in depreciation or repairs if they don't. So, to demonstrate we will be honest with ourselves, even if only for a few minutes!

The following figures reflect Marina charges for items that will be required if you keep your 9.5 meter twin screw diesel RIB permanently afloat. These figures are averages obtained from Solent marinas and based on 8.1 to 10 meter overall length. Parts are genuine supplied by an authorised dealer.

Winter lift and block
End of season jet wash
Anti foul
Spring launch
Mid-season lift and wash
Two sets of Mercruiser anodes twice a year

Sub Total:  £2,086.00 per year

There are further costs that are just as real but harder to quantify:

After ten years in the water you can expect to have spent £5,000.00 on each drive (rams and casings) due to corrosion. This is a minimum of £1,000.00 a year for this twin out-drive example.

Sub Total:  £3,086.00 per year

Many repairs to your boat can be done on the DryBerth lift, because of this, it is most likely that at least one mid-season marina lift for either repair or schedule maintenance can be avoided eg. A propellor change or a tube repair. This would cost approximately £300.00 each time.

Sub Total:  £3,386.00 per year

Fuel costs are also significant at 18% above boats kept on a DryBerth lift. This RIB burns 90Ltrs per hour at 45 Ktks, based on a very modest 50 hours a year and at 85p/litre this is a very realistic cost (due to bio-fouling) of £688.00 yearly.

Sub Total:   £4,074.00 per year

Finally, a boat will be worth 10% more over a ten year period if kept on a DryBerth lift. This is because the boat will be a in far better condition both mechanically and cosmetically than if kept in the water. In the absence of a DryBerth lift this would cost c. £1,500.00 per year on a boat worth £150,000.00.

Total yearly marina, maintenance and additional fuel costs that you will not experience when using a DryBerth:

£5,574.00 per year or £464.00 a month

Cost of leasing a DB 9.5 CT

We offer the DB 9.5 CT at a monthly cost of £275.00.

So, £464.00 a month to keep the boat afloat compared to £275.00 a month (the lease cost of a DB 9.5 CT) equals a net saving of £189.00 a month or £2,275.00 a year when on a DB 9.5 CT.

Clearly an 8.5 metre rib with either twin or single outboards will cost much less to maintain. Likewise, the cost of the DryBerth lift will be less as the lifting capacity will be vastly reduced.

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