11,600 Kg DB12-XL POA
10,600 Kg DB11-XL POA
9,700 Kg DB10-XL POA
8,700 Kg DB9-XL POA
7,700 Kg DB8-XL POA
5,200 Kg DB9.5 £17,160
4,900 Kg DB9 £16,470
4,300 Kg DB8 £15,710
3,800 Kg DB7 £14,560
3,100 Kg DB6 £13,800
  • Prices include a removable blower box (requiring a 240v/16a supply)

  • An additional fee will be charged for delivery, installation and onsite craneage

  • Rental customers may switch between models during a rental period (e.g., if changing boats) this will incur a delivery and swap out fee.

  • All prices are subject to VAT

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