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Our Boat Lifts Are Kinder To The Environment

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There is growing awareness and sensitivity to the need to protect our environment, especially our waterways, lakes and oceans. With Global warming at a critical level, action needs to be taken now. The Earth and the environment are our responsibility as individuals. We can all lower our personal carbon footprint and reduce the pollution to our oceans to help the Earth with her recovery from years of abuse.


DryBerth boat lifts can help by eliminating or vastly reducing the requirement for antifouling and sacrificial anodes. This will help reduce the build up of heavy metals in our water such as Lead(Pb.) Zinc (Zn.from anodes) Mercury (Mg.) and Copper (cu.) (which is the most common metal found at toxic concentrations in our marina waters). Both copper and tin (as butyltin) have been found at toxic concentrations in our marina waters nationwide. It has also been argued that the use of Antifoul paints and sacrificial anodes lead to dissolved oxygen depletion, organic pollution, toxic pollution and bacterial degradation of the sediment.


Due to a cleaner smoother hull, the fuel efficiency of the vessel will be maintained at the highest possible level. The reduced fuel burn will also help the alarmingly high levels of petroleum based hydrocarbons that have built up in our marina waters. Clearly a reduction in fuel burn will reduce the carbon footprint along with the highly publicised Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and particulate matter that are so damaging to the environment.


Plastic recycle symbol HDPE 2

DryBerth has gone one step further than building boat lifts from HDPE plastic that can be recycled. We are absolutely committed and currently working hard with our material manufacturer to produce the boat lifts from not only reground but recycled plastic.

Watch this short video for more information about DryBerth and the environment.

Please make sure your volume is turned up!

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