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Why Us?

We are DryBerth Ltd, the UK's leading manufacturer of air displacement boat lifts. Our lifts will provide you with a cost effective Dry Dock which is both rugged and dependable. Our boat lifts simply raise your boat above the water using low pressure air to provide the ultimate mooring solution.


Our philosophy at DryBerth is to reduce the negative impact of boating whilst making your time on the water easier, more enjoyable and less expensive. The cost, ease of use and our shared environmental responsibility will make our lifts the future of UK mooring.


We are the only company that offers an easy to use, robust lift that combined with our unique lease programme brings immediate financial and environmental benefits.

Our lifts are far more gentle on the hull than the floating pontoon style of dry berthing, on which you literally “beach” your boat.

By Owning or leasing a DryBerth, you will experience immediate financial benefits as well as these amazing advantages

No increase in mooring fees as the lift fits within the boats own footprint

Lifts and scrubs will be a thing of the past

Hull drag will be kept at a minimum, maintaining the highest possible fuel efficiency

Corrosion in propulsion systems will be vastly reduced

The resale value of the boat will be much higher due to the condition

The ease of docking hugely reduces the chance of costly damage whilst mooring

There will be a reduction in gelcoat staining so fewer buffing and polishing bills

There will be no capital depreciation from the purchase price

There will be no finance charges

We build our lifts almost entirely from HDPE plastic which is more durable and robust than the injection moulded blocks that are so commonly used

There are no requirements for winching on and off

No antifoul will be required

There will be a huge reduction in erosion of anodes

There will be a proportional reduction in osmosis. In most cases reduced to zero as the vessel can dry out

There may be possible insurance reductions

The boat, when stored on the boat lift will not be subjected to any rubbing or chaffing

If you sell your boat the boat lift can either be reset for your new boat or traded in

You will be able to change boats with ease as we can supply another lift to meet your new requirements

We will maintain the lift at no cost if leased

Our lifts require no power to launch so you will never be stuck high and dry

The key benefits of leasing a DryBerth boat lift

Air displacement lifts are large and costly bits of kit. The large initial outlay to purchase one means that it takes decades to recover any savings. That is why we are developing a lease agreement that brings immediate savings to you, the boat owner.

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Our unique position in this market provides you, as a boat owner, with a boat lift that can be leased through us directly or your local marina. The idea is simple, we aim to supply you with a boat lift that limits damage to the environment whilst keeping your boat in pristine condition and therefore saving you money. You can care for the oceans and lakes and take responsibility as an individual by using DryBerth boat lift.

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